Research Are Being Conducted If Cannabis Oil Can Cure Cancer

Research conducted by various health organizations it has been found out that 40% of people are diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives. Chances are that, if cancer is not diagnosed, at the right stage it can take the life of your dear one. While there has been no such effective cure for cancer. However, oncologists often ask patients suffering from cancer to undergo radiation or chemotherapy sessions. With people not having the same income level, availing chemotherapy is often not possible for them. This is when patients often ask ‘Can cannabis oil cure cancer?’

Well, studies have shown that cannabis is heralded as a natural treatment for cancer. The herb medical cannabis is slightly different from marijuana and it is often used by used by patients for dealing with the side effects of cancer. Well, the oil that is obtained from the Cannabis Sativa plant is used for healing the various side effects like pain, anxiety, stress, etc associated with cancer.

cannabis oil can cure cancer

Knowing about Cannabis Oil

You should not consider cannabis oil as an essential oil. It is a highly volatile liquid. The oil is obtained through the process of solvent extraction. In this process the buds of the plant is dried and made into dust. It is then mixed with fluids containing medicinal compounds. Extracts are produced once the fluid is evaporated.

If you are having a question in your mind can cannabis oil cure cancer, yes it can. This is possible as the oil have high amount of cannabidol (CBD) in them and low amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

How The Oil Helps?

Most common question that surfaces the mind of cancer patients who can’ afford to go for chemotherapy is ‘Can Cannabis Oil Cure Cancer?’

Yes it can up to a certain extent. The natural compounds of cannabis oil like THC or CBD can provide solace from the painful symptoms associated with the disease. THC helps in releasing a hormone that reduces stress and anxiety. It reduces inflammation of joints. It can help to take care of heart health, boosting appetite, and so on.

How It Treats Cancer?cannabis oil cancer

Research has shown that THC and CBD can attack the cancer cells directly by preventing tumor growth.

Endocannabinoid system of the body works with the cannabinoid for promoting homeostasis. It is seen that if the body is unable to produce huge amount of endocannabinoids, supplementary form of cannabinoids proves to be helpful. When THC of cannabis oil gets in touch with the receptors, it increases the ceramide level of the cancer cells. Thus, ensures the death of the cancer cells. Thereby, one can easily agree with can cannabis oil cure cancer.

It must be notes that cancer cells dies because of a slight shifting in their mitochondria. As soon as the cancer cells stops to get proper amount of energy it dies. In fact, the ceramide causes a re-toxic stress and produces a protein p53. The protein disturbs the calcium metabolism of mitochondria.  Thereby, leads to the death of cancer cell.

Cannabis oil can aid in reducing the growth of tumors. It can also help in shrinking cancer cells. As it can help to treat other health conditions, one can easily agree with the topic can cannabis oil cure cancer.

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